Local Views

Backyard Railroad

Backyard Railroad


2 thoughts on “Local Views

    • It is strange isn’t it? I think about places in Iraq, Mongolia, Ecuador and more where this kind of city or village planning and development still goes on and find myself incredulous that there aren’t many reported occurrences of people, especially kids, getting hurt or killed in these circumstances.

      These tracks above, cutting through the neighbourhood of Blakeley, aren’t really used anymore but I can remember when box cars and diesel locomotives on them would stop traffic as recently as the 70’s. I really don’t think that’s too terribly long ago in this specific context. I can’t track down any reports of train and pedestrian related accidents in this neighbourhood, as though it has never been a concern but I know that back then and long before; as long as these tracks and houses have been in this close and unobstructed proximity of each other, children have played on them carefree without incident.

      To think that this North American town today is, like most others, governed by Acts of Statute, regulations and by-laws on public safety. It’s simply amazing to consider the circumstances.

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