It’s Still a Busy, Busy World



I call them “The Amazing Spidermen”. Seeing them way up there, cleaning the CIBC Building’s web of glass and reflection above Central Hamilton, was a quite thrill for me. It was probably no big deal for other citizens who stopped to watch me watching the workers. Not being a pilot but being obsessed with flying, window washing like this could have been a dream job for me.

I wonder what it would be like to be hanging off the side of a skyscraper on a clear sunny day when a freak gale force gust starts blowing?

I hear music in the air
When I spread my wings.
My call is vibrant and sharp this way.
I had no voice in the nest and on the ground.
I barely had any will to make a sound.
What’s the point of having feathers,
If not to uplift my spirit?
So I defied the odds and reached for the sky.
As soon as I could fly,
I sang.

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