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Hot Stuff

Steeltown has long had difficulties with being able to adequately diversify its economy so that a wider range of citizens could be productive, and increase their earning potential in their varying fields. It’s always been one leading industry or another instead of sustaining a number of preserving applications.

While steel dominated the city of Hamilton, it still wasn’t possible for everyone to work at a steel plant. When the medical industry started to become the dominant industry in the city by the end of the 20th century, there continued to be many who would not be able to find a job in it.

Family owned and operated enterprises, like this fish and chips restaurant have been key to ensuring that those families were provided for, and important to supplying the needs of many communities. Some have even been the employers of non-family members who were unlikely to find work elsewhere. These are the reasons why small business really has long been a relevant backbone for the city of Hamilton.


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