Byronic Heroes & Co.

Here to Save the Day

Here to Save the Day

Stopped at a red light, my wife and I watched a thick group of pedestrians cross James Street South at Hunter Street in rush hour. Among them were this visually impaired woman and her guide dog.

Well trained guide dogs tend to become disoriented once in a while (sometimes this is linked to the onset of Canine Vestibular Disease), which can obviously cause big problems that a handler has to contend with by applying a great deal of patience and nerve. I had to help one woman in such a predicament years before this image. The dog here was traipsing every which way and nearly led this woman into the street where she would have likely gotten struck as soon as the lights went green.

Just before the wrong step into the traffic the man to the woman’s left; an apparent stranger, stepped up, seized her arm and directed her and her dog back to a safe spot on the sidewalk. As the light turned green and we pushed through, I could see that the man got the woman back on her intended path.

No matter how self-centered and uncompassionate this world becomes, there will always be some altruists somewhere to save the day.


2 thoughts on “Byronic Heroes & Co.

    • Indeed. Although, it’s their training, it’s incredible that they never exhibit a natural propensity to not fulfill that obligation to spend their entire lives supporting a person in need.

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