The Way It Is

Please Come Back

Please Come Back

I saw this little rascal earnestly waiting for someone to emerge from this establishment on Locke Street South. Bill Wither’s classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” plays in my mind whenever I see that little dog standing there like that on its hind paws.

Locke has an immensely popular business district in Hamilton’s Kirkendall neighbourhood. You’ll find artists, entertainers, restaurants, contractors, public services, churches and more there. It acts like a village market for the entire area. Although Kirkendall, overall, seems like a sleepy place, Locke Street is seldom without action.

2 thoughts on “The Way It Is

  1. I love this pic, well I love dogs, I have never been without a dog in my whole life. The picture shows the spirit of a dog, his impatience and his ability to wait, on his horde. It shows the love which a dog can give. Who dogs knows and can read the faces, knows that hardly another living being can look so expectantly. This picture is one of the best I have seen on WP, it is very emotionally, it hit right into my heart.

    • Thank you so much, Jaytee.

      This Jack-Russel Terrier is a little smaller than the dog I had, Kootenay. He loved me. I’m fortunate to have a few really close friends but that dog was the best.

      As a kid in highschool, he’d sit at the end of the driveway when he sensed it was time for me to come home and watch for me to appear down the road. He’d come running the second he saw me; recognizing me from anyone else at a distance that reduced me to a dot on the horizon. Sometimes he’d jump up on me, other times he’d jump up and down on his hind paws with his forepaws reaching up toward me like a little kid. He was always so glad to see me. Always. I’ve never had that from anyone else.

      Shortly after leaving home for college Kootenay was struck by a car and killed. My mum had difficulty telling me because she knew that Kootenay just about saved my life by coming into it (that’s another story). She went months before telling me, and only opened up after I pressed her on the phone to tell me how he was doing.

      I’m in my 40’s now and I miss Kootenay, of course. Seeing this JRT there earnestly waiting told me that anyone who understands the loyal relationship that can be achieved with a dog that’s well cared for will identify with this image on an emotional level. I had to make this shot. It’s a celebration of dogs.

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