All Through the Night

The Quietest Moment

The Quietest Moment

King Street is a major artery in Hamilton. It separates the northern part of the city from all lands to the south. From the easternmost point of the Steeltown to the westernmost end, King is always busy. People of all kinds are walking on it from early dawn until late at night and motor vehicle traffic is always on the move; peaking at morning and evening rush hours.

This is a long low-light exposure of King from inside Gore Park, approximately 30 metres (100 feet) east of where James Street intersects to divide the city into its east and west halves. Just a small piece of the Beasley neighbourhood, this is the true heart of Hamilton; part financial district, part commercial strip, part civic and national historical feature, and part multicultural area.

The image captures one of the fleeting periods in each night when no one can be found strolling, loitering or even sleeping on the sidewalk. Although this is when King is at its most placid, the sounds and sights of human activity is never far away as evidenced by the ghostly appearance of cars passing through. Such occurrences remind me of the Supertramp song “Even In the Quietest Moments”, which is the inspiration for the name this picture.


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