A Misty Moment



I love working with fog but vast amounts of pale mist in the background can create quite a challenge in keeping sufficient detail in darkened subjects in the foreground. If it were a reasonably clear day in which I could afford to block some harsh light, an ND filter might be appropriate but when light is heavily diffused by fog your usually better off working without one.

I often think of fog in old neighbourhoods as being a materialization of wandering souls. Every neighbourhood, every community has a history of good things and bad things; some well known and others as secrets hoped to remain as such. It’s those scandalous facts that those of us among the living always find so intriguing, so long as it’s not our own set of secrets. So there’s always a portion of us that won’t let those histories stay hidden. I imagine that the ghosts rise up from time to time as fog to attempt to keep old neighbourhoods quiet, to prevent truths from being revealed.

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