Byronic Heroes & Co.

Flair Charisma & Rhythm

Flair Charisma & Rhythm

His name is Jed Lifeson but around here he’s better known as “The Dancing Guy”.

We live in a modern time when everyone is supposed to curb their enthusiasm, and avoid rocking any boats. You know how things go; however, there’s always someone out there who’s not going to conform to our modern, static, robotic way of living. All we can do is hope that person isn’t so extreme that he or she strikes nothing but trepidation in our hearts.

Jed is an example of the kind of soul that pushes the boundaries without causing upheaval. You could be walking by, driving past or catching a glimpse of him in the news but upon your very first time seeing him in this stuffy socially reserved society; that so many of us have become too accustomed to, your immediate instinct is to think, hmm, someone’s been let lose.

I’ve seen it many times. When he comes into view that familiar sardonic smirk or grin comes across people’s faces. Maybe you hear a chuckle or two but it doesn’t quite last for long. It won’t stick. Any notion that you may have that the stranger making his way down the street is either loony or inebriated is steadfastly challenged within seconds when you notice that this guy can dance. I mean really, really dance. Your next thought will be that there’s no way that someone could move that well without having all of their mental faculties in order.

If you can get Mr. Lifeson to stop and talk he’ll be nothing but kind and courteous, and if you’re willing to listen he’ll briefly share his messages of knowing Christ with you. How won’t tie you up and preach to you; bore you. He’ll then be on his merry way.

Sporting his salt and pepper brush cut, Jed is always dressed quite stylishly, cleanly, neatly but comfortably. As he’s been dancing like Fred Astaire for so long, he’s clearly created a physique on which clothes tend to hang very well. With his tunes cranked up on his MP3 player or audible through a small speaker that he wears for everyone to hear, the “The Dancing Guy” keeps on dancing through the cities of Hamilton and Toronto (where he used to live until 2008). He’s been at it for years, willing to work his magic on virtually any major street.

In this shot, I met him on Mohawk Road West in the neighbourhood of Rolston. I was heading in one direction, while he was grooving the other way. Wherever I come across him, I liken a sighting of him to those chance occurrences of seeing rainbows and sundogs. Even if you’ve see one before, you still can’t help but marvel at it.


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