A Secret Place

Snowy Borer’s Creek

Snowy Borer’s Creek

I made this shot several minutes before “Steadfast in Dormancy” and “Grounded”. It was a fruitful day with the ice-fog hanging in the air. I only wish that the rabbit that left its tracks in the foreground snowdrift was still present when I showed up. This one reminds me of a Robert Bateman painting.

While I keep the other two images as straight landscape pieces, I feel this one is suitable for Hammer Home as a rural landscape.

In Hamilton’s constituent community of Flamborough, this little creek flows beneath a small bridge and down the Niagara Escarpment as Borer’s Falls (a.k.a.: Rock Chapel Road Falls). I’ve hiked to the bottom of those falls. The bolders and fallen trees make it a challenging but adventurous trek.

This photograph is the part of the creek that is above the falls.

Historical sources say that the creek is named after the Borer family, and that at one time it was large enough to power their Rock Chapel Village Sawmill which they operated for more than a century. Deforestation reportedly reduced the creek’s flow until it became insufficient for providing power. The Borer family had to switch to steam power.

The old mill is long gone now but the creek remains a narrow and shallow feature of Hamilton’s Karst topography. The surrounding area is occupied by a few residences, and beautiful Borer’s Falls Conservation Area; a jurisdiction of the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

As Borer’s Creek is so small and the 15 metre (49 feet) high falls commands most attention, I’m not sure if too many people even notice the creek. I notice it.

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