Just a Passing Observation

Gateway to Hell

Gateway to Hell

The wretched aftermath of a deadly house fire in the neighbourhood of Landsdale.

It began on Wednesday February 20, 2013 at approximately 4am. At first it looked, to the Ontario Fire Marshall and Homicide squad detectives, that some arsonist full of malice set this 249 Cannon Street East property ablaze. The flames and heat quickly devoured the first floor where 24-year old Leonel Alexandre Avalos Aguilar had a room. The property was rented by several other men and a few women. Mr. Aguilar didn’t have a chance.

The victim wasn’t known to police but the authorities followed up on tips that a Molotov cocktail had been thrown at the residence earlier in the week without success of burning the place down. It seemed that this time, Satan incarnate in flesh, came and finished what was started.

Firefighters were initially able to enter the three-storey orange brick house as it burned but the stifling heat and searing flames kicked them out of the jaws of hell.

The victim, Leonel, did get out alive with what the investigators initially considered suspicious injuries but he died later in hospital.

The edifice was completely gutted. Nothing could be saved.

In the end, an autopsy determined that Leonel died of smoke inhalation, and the suspicious injuries on his body were sustained during rescue measures. Those injuries did not contribute to Mr. Aguilar’s death. The police were content that there was no foul play in the accident, although they didn’t publicly state how the fire was determined to have started.

A fundraiser was later held for the other tenants who had been burned out of their homes, and the world continued rotating on its axis.

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