True Colours

People Without Cell Phones

People Without Cell Phones

I know it seems ultra simple but I just had to shoot this because this has become an aspect of urban life that is rarely seen anymore. For me, it’s a historical and sociological record.

Before the invention of the telephone, no one would have seen anyone use a payphone. We can still look at old photos without scenes like this and think nothing of it. It’s to be expected. I consider; nonetheless, how society and history changed after the earliest images from the pioneers of street photography. Phone booths became so ubiquitous in cities around the world, and the inspiration of factual and fictional emergency response.

Superman changed his clothes in them before leaping forth to save humanity from devouring itself. Dr. Who converted one into a time machine from which to explore dimensions and parallel universes. Police boxes were for the exclusive use of English Bobbies who needed quick access to a makeshift police station. A loved one stranded in the far end of town or the next city over in a car accident might be able to call home for help if a phone booth was in the vicinity. Phone booths even became a highly important piece of the strategy to help lost, wayward and suicidal kids living on the streets.

As technology continues to change civilization, I believe there will come a day when a sight like this will never be seen again. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.  I just wanted to record this moment. Not take what we’ve had for granted.

6 thoughts on “True Colours

    • Very much in sinc (! I guess it should come as no surprise as globalization really began at the start of the industrial revolution. As technology changes the world at large, lives in the dissenting parts of the planet; like me in Canada and you in Sweden, that share the same technology are bound to more or less experience the same dynamics surrounding them. Even as the old technology is phased out by the new. Another aspect or mode of sharing.

  1. I can live with globalizering but I really don’t like it. I don’t like that everything will be the same that diversity disappears. People go around soon with a third eye in the middle of his forehead so as not to stumble when they can’t go without a Smartphone because is more interesting than any other. We dress the same way, we have the same furniture, same Kardishian, and the same series the next on the same evenings at the same time. And the big eats up small in General. Individualism is not desirable anymore.

    • Individuality is still highly important to me nonetheless. As Winston 6079 Smith said in George Orwell’s 1984, I am content (defiantly determined) to live as a “society of one”. I still have power to prevent that level of conformity as a result of globalization, and no one will be able to pry it from me as long as I have a brain that isn’t plugged into some dominating futuristic hive mind entity.

  2. This is why street photography is so important, that so much of what we take for granted one day becomes a matter of historical record the next. A brilliant B&W in so many ways!

    • Thank you so much, Patti. That’s what we’re doing. Recording our existance, not just for posterity but also for practicality. For future reference, for future inspiration of innovation.

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