Staggering Around in the Dark

Staggering Around in the Dark

My wife and I came upon this chap passing a car dealership on Cannon Street East in the Beasley area at around 12:30AM. Barely able to make his way down the sidewalk on his own, he was clearly polluted. He was practically waiting to be victimized by someone unscrupulous.

In Canada, alcohol control, sale and use laws are set at the provincial level. Public intoxication is illegal in Ontario but frequently conducted unopposed by the young and old alike. There just aren’t enough police to control this problem. In Hamilton neighbourhoods like Beasley, it’s unfortunately somewhat common to see someone bombed on the streets.

Just the night before we saw this guy, we saw a different character falling off of his bicycle at the intersection of Cannon East and Victoria Ave North in the adjacent Landsdale area, at approximately the same time of the morning. We asked if he was alright as he awkwardly got himself back to his feet. A few seconds after realizing what we had asked him, he gave us the thumbs up.

7 thoughts on “Nocturnal

    • Likewise. I’ve never been a drinker, and I’ve always been anti-drug. I can’t think of anything more destructive to a persons mind and natural ability to think freely and creatively. Of course there are users who argue the opposite but I can’t see it. I’ve also never understood the concept of “social drinking”.

      I’ve never seen a person passed out in the street, waste away or cease being able to function healthily as a result of facing life and thinking creatively through sobriety. It’s a known fact; however, that people have failed countless times in their ability to live well by getting loaded, and conning themselves into believing that they haven’t got a problem.

      • Exactly. I’ve never understood this either with sociall drinkning. I thought I was alone with that. still I am quite social but with Coke in my hand. And so I feel great the next day too.

    • Hey you!

      Do you know where you are?
      Do you know where you’re from?
      Do you know where you’re going?
      Do you know what you’re doing?

      Do you want to live or
      Do you want to be taken down?
      Do you even care?
      Does anyone care about you?

      If something should happen to you,
      It may not matter where you’re from.
      It may not matter where you’re going.
      It may not matter what you’re doing, and
      Maybe no one will care.

      Then again,
      Maybe whoever cares about you
      Will be left to suffer needlessly.

      Should you decide that you want someone to care,
      Then you should take care.
      ‘Cause it’s dangerous out here in the dark.

    • Absolutely, especially when we are truly ignorant as opposed to being willfuly ignorant. I just can’t get my head around why we make matters worse when it’s so obvious that we’re hurting ourselves, and others, that it requires conscious and calculated effort to deny the damage we’re doing.

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