My Fellow Citizens



This is something I want to show more of in this project. Those seniors who strive to remain independent and mobile; comport themselves with dignity. I enjoy the opportunity of meeting seniors who care to share their experiences, remain open to learning new things and make sure that they enjoy life. Not sit around in some chair complaining about how life is all downhill after after forty or drink into oblivion because they were never really satisfied with themselves or their lives.

No doubt, it’s difficult to continue when you reach 60-plus and your body and mind starts shutting down. It’s apparent to everyone, that’s why most people have feared getting old since the dawn of our species. As my mother said at 79, “Getting old is not for cowards,” but even she said she wants to see me make more street portraits of seniors, and promote those who remain active and confident regardless of the struggles they face to keep going each day. That’s her, ever so proud and resilient to the last. Something I aspire to be.

So shots like this are for her and for all of them. These shots are also for my wife and I as someday, God willing, we too will have lived long, productive and healthy lives, and will have to decide whether or not it’s time to get busy living or get busy dying prematurely.

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