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Li'l Ole Me

Li’l Ole Me

Artistic photography in general; not just rural photography, urban photography or street photography, is about creating images that “say” something. A situation must “speak” something in order for a photographer to “make”, not simply “take”, a picture that also “says” something to a viewer. This is far easier said than done.

The first person that the situation and shot should make an impact on has to be the photographer. The shooter can only hope that he or she has made an image well enough that it also speaks to others.

“Li’l ole me”; a version of “little old me”, is an expression used to show ironic or even mildly sarcastic humility. It can also indicate that someone is failing to be fair to someone else. For a few examples, one might say:

  • “Oh, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble just to invite li’l ole me to your art exhibit?”
  • “I guess she felt that her particular taste in jewellery would suit li’l ole me.”
  • “Sorry sonny-boy, I’d like to help you get that candy bar but poor li’l ole me, I haven’t a penny left to my name.”

Big dilapidated old barns out in the country tend to speak to me. This is just a little shed my wife and I passed while cruising through the area of Carluke in Ancaster. It’s neither big nor rundown but still has that masterfully big and aging quality about its appearance.

I saw it from the distance. The late winter sky and surrounding landscape were as perfect as the ambiance. As we got closer without stepping on the brake pedal the edifice seemed to call out, “Hey, are you really going to just slip on by without photographing li’l ole me?”

Yeah, we had to pull over. I had to go back and shoot it.


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