A Secret Place

Enchantment at Chedoke Falls

Enchantment at Chedoke Falls

“An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love, and union with the world around us.”

– Thomas Moore

3 thoughts on “A Secret Place

    • It hardly looks like street photography; more like straight landscape/scenic photography. It’s the fact that this place is hidden by the Niagara Escarpment on the edge of Hamilton’s quite populated Kirkendall South neighbourhood, and the fact that I was trying to capture the moment of being there for the first time that makes this image just shy of being a typical urban photograph.

      It was a neat little nature walk to Chedoke Falls from the adjacent Bruce Trail that’s made and maintained by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. There were a couple welcome challenges en route, especially when burdened with photography equipment. Arriving at the base of that 16 metre (52.5 feet) high plunging waterfall was the greatest reward.

      I know it sounds corny but this really is one of those places on Earth that causes a person to feel as though it is a place full of supernatural power. It certainly wasn’t an evil sensation that I experienced. It was as pleasant as the scenery is absolutely beautiful but definitely haunting. Strangely, I started fantasizing about Hobbits, wizards and angels while there.

      The City of Hamilton has many beautiful urban waterfalls, large and small, but they don’t evoke a feeling of enchantment like the Chedoke Falls does.

      The full colour version of this picture won the 2009 Photography Award of Excellence of the Sarasota Sister Cities Association’s People and Places Photo Competition in Sarasota, FL. That was an event held by the SSCA to celebrate the twinning of Sarasota and Hamilton.

      Happy New Year to you too!!!

      • Wow, thanks for the additional information and congratulations on your Award of Excellence! I love finding pockets of nature hidden in urban settings. Nothing beats feeling like you’ve stepped into another, secret place.

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