All Day Long

Ride Through the Country

Ride Through the Country

When it comes to old cars, I’ve never liked photographing them when they’re parked in some auto show. I’ve done it plenty of times but I usually stay away from such events.

I’ve always found that the oldies are best shot while cruising down an old looking neighbourhood, or country road. That’s when a healthy dose of nostalgia kicks in.

8 thoughts on “All Day Long

    • Yes, a coup like this probably could have been used for smuggling Canadian whiskey into the US during prohibition. I’m not sure if Hamilton played any part in rum running but Hiram Walker is a distillery in Windsor, Ontario (3hrs or 300km [186mi] west) that sits directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan. History indicates that they made lots of money during US/Canadian prohibition by supplying bootleggers who smuggled booze in small, fast boats across the river. Al Capone was one of the distillery’s most prominent customers.

      The Hiram Walker enterprise has changed ownership since then, separating itself from its nefarious associations and activities but its still in business today.

      You’ve gotten me wondering about Hamilton during prohibition now. I think I’ll have to look into that.

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