Not Easily Forgotten

The Last of the Backyard Mechanics

The Last of the Backyard Mechanics

You know how it is. The big car companies of North America decided to make more money by phasing out all those guys and gals who figured out how to tear out and rebuild a transmission with their eyes closed.

How’d the “Big Three” do it? Real simple, they began reconfiguring the standard engine arrangement, and putting parts in weird out of reach places. One-by-one, the older cars are beginning to fade away.

Now you absolutely have to go to an automobile manufacturer or a mechanic that is certified by one of them to get your car straightened out. It can be a most unpleasant experience trying to fix things on your own. You know that either way, it’s gonna cost you plenty.

Grease monkeys that can still stand beside a set of wheels in their shorts and Converse sneakers, and breath new life into old motors, like they were raising the dead, are themselves a dying breed.

9 thoughts on “Not Easily Forgotten

  1. Nice shot and, very true, you don’t see this very often. I’m lucky if I know where my spark plugs are now, but even that’s been hidden under an all-engine cover.

    • Just to change a burnt out headlight on my car requires me to literally dismantle the entire front grill of my car, including the other light that doesn’t need work. Instead 10-15 minutes, it could take 2 hours do.

      This is meant to encourage the owners of today’s cars to seek out mechanics who are certified to work on those specific car brands, and what it would cost me to have one of them change that light bulb is astronomical.

      Like the oil companies, they’ve got us right where they want us.

  2. I keep thinking I should just buy another 70’s car and rebuild it. It would be cheaper to do and easy to fix. In 48 yrs of driving (OMG, really? yes, sadly true) I have owned four new cars, three of which I sold within the first year and a slew of older, used and easy to maintain vehicles.

    • If you can make sure that you can still get parts for it when you need them, and that it can pass the emissions tests, you could be smiling. It shouldn’t be any more of a gas guzzler or insurance pit like any of today’s non-hybridized SUV’s.

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