Age Before Beauty



My wife opened a clothing store in Ainslie Wood West. Jess Venters, an area resident walked in one day in 2007 and became a regular supporter. Soon, she became not just one of my wife’s most valued customers but a very close friend.

This is a portrait of Jess by the window of my wife’s store. She was modelling clothes for my wife’s website, and for me. Some of the poses were contrived but the best ones, like this one, weren’t. I hadn’t yet asked her to strike any particular pose or take on any specific demeanor beyond asking her to stand by the front window. She took on this posture and expression all on her own. I could see that she was contemplating something very deeply.

Originally from Scotland, Jess met Al Venters during WW II when he was stationed at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire, England with the RCAF. In 1945, they were married in Scotland, and after Al returned to Canada and got things settled he sent for Jess a year later. They’ve been together ever since. My wife and I had the pleasure of being invited to their 65th wedding anniversary.

Jess is an intelligent, cultured, sophisticated and generous lady. She adores her children, loves Scotland, loves Canada and makes a conscious effort to try to learn about and get to know different people.

I think she has a keen sense of social fairness. She won’t tolerate any civil liberties that will interfere with what she’s accustomed to but fully recognizes that political correctness certainly has its place.


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