Not Easily Forgotten



When I lived in Hamilton as a kid in the 70’s, I used to enjoy coming downtown from where I lived on the mountain and seeing the old TH&B Railway steam locomotive No. 103 that was on display at Gage Park. A point came when my family left the province of Ontario but when I returned to Hamilton later in life, I was shocked to see 103 was no longer there. It turns out that old engine and caboose are still well-preserved at the Westfield Heritage Village. Not many of such pieces of engineering exist anymore, and it’s a pleasure to see that this one hasn’t been dismantled, melted down and lost forever.

7 thoughts on “Not Easily Forgotten

  1. Actually, I would never say that old things are beautiful and more durable a today’s streamlined boxes that put off at first the cold or the heat. But it is so. They are beautiful and raises emotions in us that few other things do.

  2. A great machine & a great shot. We still have a few old steam trains that travel close to us on the West Somerset Railway. Such a great sound as they pass by. I really do love them.

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