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Modernizing Skies

Modernizing Skies

The former village of Waterdown has grown into an upper-middle class constituent community of Hamilton since the 50’s. Now that it has been part of Megacity Hamilton since 2001, it has begun seeing its share of modernizing. Some call it progress; the increase of commerce and the provision of jobs. Others argue that it’s socially and environmentally unfriendly sprawl.

I shot this somewhat abstract photograph in Waterdown’s neighbourhood of McDonald Court, an area which was largely bush only ten to fifteen years earlier. Fields of tall wild grass was abundant, and the home of garter snakes, birds and rodents. When you looked to the sky, the heavens were punctuated by treetops. Now, those trees have been replaced by the light posts of an expansive parking lot for “big-box” shopping plazas.

I envision a future when even these lights will be eventually overshadowed by tall buildings that may block out the sun if all necessary care isn’t taken to ensure that the continued modernizing isn’t done in harmony with the natural surroundings.


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