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    • I’ve always enjoyed making nightime city skyline shots. Years ago I got stuck in the usual way of doing them by positioning my camera from a fair distance and at an average terrain elevation to try and capture vertually everything. So that such urban landscapes wouldn’t become so static, I decided to move closer and start shooting smaller sections of cities from various angles, like this one, and the one at the top of this page; https://hammerhomestreetphotography.wordpress.com/project-themes/.

      There are many who share your fear, even in Hamilton. For the second largest city in Ontario, and the tenth largest in Canada, Hamilton is very good at keeping its occurrences of violent crime down. Most citizens express that they feel quite safe here, and many others are simply indifferent. There are; however, a minority who say they feel completely unsafe in this city, especially at night.

      • In the last 2 years has increasingly become more precarious. Each day becomes anyone shot, and not just at night. Beggars have flooded the country in General and Stockholm in particular. They are everywhere. Each ATM guarded by beggars and each business also. Because no one does anything about it so doubled the number of every six months as more and more people are looking for here. I don’t know how it will end, but it will not end well. In the past I liked walking around in town early in the morning before the city awoke. Now I do it no longer. Feel insecure. A guy was robbed here on my street on their 2 cameras for a while ago … Around at 6 in the evening. Not at all lately. I live in the middle of town. It was safe here sooner.

    • One way, if you use an SLR or DSLR, is by buying expensive star filters that create two or more difraction spikes around light points, which is usually unnecessary. Another way is just from simply using an SLR or DSLR in lowlight conditions while light sources are far enough away from your lens to be points of light.

      These visible difraction spikes are really just aberrations as a result of the mechanics in lens optics. The leaves or petals in the lenses of such cameras inevitably create the aberrations as the leaf shutter opens and colapses. The aperature is seldom a perfect circle when the leaf shutter opens up. The number of spikes created depend on on how many leaves are used in the mechanics of the leaf shutter; 6 is average.

      A similar effect can be achieved when a light source is quite close, and it is blurred. Instead of a round disc of light, it may appear to have 5 or 6 sides, even more or less again depending on how many leaves are used in the construction of the lens.

      Most photographers, like you and me, are content with the aberration. It gives character to points of light. There are some shooters; however, that don’t like diffraction spikes at all, so some lens designers try to design lenses with leaf shutters that make perfect circles of light points in most cases. There are a number of ways they do this but it’s usually done by saturating a lens with an exorbitantly high number of leaves.

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