It’s Still a Busy, Busy World

Community Initiative

Community Initiative

This is a community garden in the mountain neighbourhood of Yeoville.

In my exploration of Hamilton, I have found that there is a commonly held presumption that the city’s impoverished only live in the lower parts. Of course, this is far from the truth. While the mountain has most of the recently developed neighbourhoods (1970 to present), and is still under development, citizens in all age groups are spread out across the escarpment who meet a Statistic Canada Low Income Cut-Off (LICO); an income threshold that potentially indicates which families in the area are the most needy for public services.

It is presumed by many that the poor cannot or worse, will not act in any self-reliant manner to deal with their circumstances beyond expecting a government handout at the expense of working taxpayers. While there is plenty of genuine truth to this, there also really are citizens who engage in various legitimate means of overcoming economic and social hardships.

Mostly associated with lower Hamilton, a community garden, and the maintenance of the garden plots themselves are:

1. An important source of good food;

2. Clear-cut proof that not all who need help in this town sit around and wait for it but that there are many who actively take all proper available opportunities to confront their own challenges of poverty and hunger;

3. A way for citizens (poor or not) to get involved in their communities and realize their potential; and

4. Necessary.


7 thoughts on “It’s Still a Busy, Busy World

  1. In the UK we have allotments, patches whereby people without gardens go to grow their veg, flowers whatever. Patches of paradise in all sorts of inner city spaces. A lovely shot Allan, the water, sunshine, toil and growth . . .

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