True Colours

Dreams Aloft

Dreams Aloft

From inception the human species has advanced by dreaming and taking the necessary steps to make those dreams take flight. Truly, many of those dreams have resulted in sheer nightmarish realities for our fellow human beings but as at least some of us have learned from the critical errors of the past, we have dreamed and realized ways of uplifting each other. That in itself is a great dream.

Keep on dreaming, citizens. Keep on advancing.


13 thoughts on “True Colours

    • I used to wonder about that too. In fact I used to complain about it. I still do when I see that the shoes are apparently in great condition and would serve a better purpose being on someone’s feet.

      Worldwide, there are many negative urban myths about this practice. Probably the most prevalent one today is that they are a sign that a drug dealer lives nearby so addicts can go there to get their next fix.

      What I’ve discovered through a little digging is that this is actually a pastime or tradition called shoe tossing. Tossed shoes are also known as “shoefiti”. I guess it’s a portmanteau or contraction of either “shoe-graffiti” or maybe even “shoe-confetti”. I haven’t yet been able to track down how far back it dates but it could be as much as 150 to 200 years old.

      I also don’t know the original purpose of shoe tossing but over the past 90 to 100 years there have been many meanings genuinely attached ranging from military unit identity, and club or fraternity identity to artistic expression.

      The meanings are just about as varied as where in the world you live.

      In regards to art, there is a sort of sculpture called a shoe tree in which lots, and lots, and lots of footwear is tossed into deciduous trees; virtually replacing their leaves. I’ve seen photos of these. They’re really something extraordinary. Yarn bombing is the closest thing I can compare it to. I just hope it doesn’t harm the trees. I love trees.

      In this shot, every shoe is a tremendously worn out child’s sneaker that was tossed up onto a power line in front of a YMCA and police station on Rymal Road. I suspect it was an art project permitted by the city. They have all been removed since the time I got the shot.

      So, you’re not getting old!

      • Thanks for some insights. There’s an electrical line with a show hanging just to where I park my car. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the first reason you addressed. 🙂

    • I would have continued thinking the same way if I hadn’t finally looked into shoe tossing. Now in certain situations like this one, I can see the benefit and can open my mind a little more. Otherwise, I still think it’s just a stupid waste of shoes.

      • Honestly, the first thing I think of is those programs they have now where you can recycle shoes and the materials get re-used. So, the idea that these would one day end up in a landfill instead makes me cringe a bit.

  1. If only everyone would want to keep moving forward.
    but there are some groups who would nail themselves stuck in the past. And, ideally, they want to stay where it all began.
    It annoys me immensely.

    • Me too, that inability or unwillingness to accept positive change for all or work toward a brighter tomorrow. I’ve always been very interested and concerned about the future more than the past. I only look to the past for insight into how to establish a better future.

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