The Way It Is




17 thoughts on “The Way It Is

    • Where the sun was, I knew that I could take advantage of it at that second to create lens flare bokeh. This one actually turned out better than I hoped with radiant flares instead of the oval shaped ghostings.

    • Thank you, Patti. I’m really happy to have lucked out with those polarized flags blowing there. They are a deceptively important element. If they weren’t in those exact spots and flying like that, I think that part of the picture would be boring space. I think it would fail to direct the eyes to the shadowy figure in the ghostly light, and then to the traffic up the street.

      I like this shot because it creates mystery. The composition appeals to my love for speculative fiction.

  1. Absolutely love this photograph, Allan. I like the way the light falls, how he’s bathed in it, and just the overall composition (lines, lines, lines) and mood.

  2. Some photographers (the pixel peeping kind) would probably complain and say that the lights are blown out, but I love the light in this photo and like Otto says: the composition is well balanced.

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