All Day Long

The Big League

The Big League

Most Canucks come out of the womb
Gumming a puck and sporting
A player’s beard.
What a most unholy sight.

As Vagitanus opens our mouths
To coax our first cry,
The doctor is commanded to paddle us with
A sacred pediatric hockey stick.

The puck is dropped as we bawl, signalling
The moment life begins.
The shrill cry is a combination of
Skates scraping on ice, curses and threats.

Parents pledge that their children will forever seek
The sacred Chalice of Stanley.
From then on,
We are forever in the fightin’ mood.


15 thoughts on “All Day Long

    • Actually no. I played a lot of floor hockey growing up, and some street hockey; now there’s a tradition, but I never made it to the ice.

      My sports have always been street cycling, the martial arts and soccer, especially the first two.

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