A Misty Moment

Pick a Tune for This Occasion

Pick a Tune for This Occasion

14 thoughts on “A Misty Moment

  1. One of your bests! <- And how many times have I said that? πŸ˜€ Truly is one of your best. It looks like a location setting for a Stephen King movie for me.

    • It wouldn’t have happened without the fog. Of course Hamilton can experience these weather conditions virtually all year round but fog is actually quite rare here, and mostly occurs in spring and autumn. Even more rare, is when the fog gets down to street level in the lower parts of the city. It usually settles on the suburban escarpment which has an average height of 100m (330ft).

      When you drive down into Lower Hamilton, you typically descend out of the fog to find completely clear streets with the tops of the tallest buildings seemingly vanishing into the sky. When the fog is in the low lying areas, I head out with a camera to try to take advantage of the opportunity.

      This is actually a winter shot of Sherman Avenue North in the lower parts at about eight-o-clock in the morning. I’ve made many shots from this location just north of Barton Street East.

      Hamilton’s old neighbourhoods can look pretty average to just about everyone. I love them but it truly does take a deliberate and concetrated effort to see more than there actually is on the surface. I’m always looking for ways to photograph Hamilton’s neighbourhoods with the hope that locals will take notice of them as they’ve never seen them before.

      Sherman separates the neighbourhoods of Gibson from Stipley. To make this shot, I stood on the Gibson side and aimed at the old houses of Stipley. The fog adds the mysterious atmosphere that sort of renews the aesthetics of the area. In the dark, it works extremely well with the street lights, making them glow softly but brightly.

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