Last Days

Black Market Shoe Emporium

Black Market Shoe Emporium

A con artist thought he just couldn’t lose
By using an alley to fence stolen shoes.
               A customer who had enough
               Said, “Here, put on these cuffs
For trying to sell them God awful shoes.”

11 thoughts on “Last Days

  1. It’s a shame with all black market. But it is perhaps even nature to make a good deal. But who is it good?A gloomy picture about a black affair.

    • They were just a bunch of discarded shoes in a Beasley neighbourhood alley. Other than most of them being ugly as sin, there really didn’t appear to be anything wrong with them from what I could tell. It looks like someone just unloaded them off the back of a truck and left them there.

  2. Hehe, “BLACK MARKET SHOE EMPORIUM” 🙂 Love the tagline! This could have been an interesting entry for the «Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Room’».
    Hopefully these shoes will be found and used by people who needs them. I don’t understand why someone would just dump a bunch of shoes like that. If it was me getting rid of them, I would have donated them to charity. .

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