All Through the Night

Platform No. 9

Platform No. 9


In this picture, to me, the train is a living breathing intelligent entity.  It has opened its door as if saying, “Hey, you know that it’s time for an adventure.  Hop on board.  Let’s go!”


16 thoughts on “All Through the Night

  1. Is the double-decker. Looks completely different than our train. You see so much more when you travel by train, but sometimes can be too lengthy journey by train.

    • When my family left Hamilton in 1980, we flew from Ontario to British Columbia. When I returned to Hamilton in 1989 for college, I came back by train; Via Rail. It was great way to see Canada, I’ll never forget it. I highly recommend it.

      The double-deck cars pictured here are for the GO train; is largely a commuter train that operates between the cities of Southern Ontario. GO is an acronym for Government of Ontario. The province operates transit busses and trains under this name.

      Our trains do differ from Sweden’s SJ system but we still don’t have anything like the SJ X55 Regina which I think is quite impressive.

      • You see a lot when you travel by train. I fit in well and shoot a lot, even if the pictures are not perfect.
        I’m not impressed by SJ X55 Regina, then it is less convenient, and the goal is to get as much seating as possible. They make it into a cramped airplane, where you do not even have a good view anymore.
        I want to live sooner 😉
        Moreover, it is a serious problem on the train side. Standing delays, derailment, etc..

    • Thank you, I really wanted to take maximum advantage of the contrast between the lights, the night sky and the train. The train itself works adds to the effort with its two-toned paint scheme.

      It might have been even better if the ground had been drenched from the rain yielding great surface reflections of the lights.

  2. I’ve been telling myself not to drive all the time to my destination. I want to experience riding the train here, or even the bus. To experience commuting like when I was in foreign countries like Spain and Italy. One day I’ll do that here in California. One day. Very nice capture. I like the alignments esp the lights and the the train curve. 😉

    • I definitely had to take advantage of their receding and charging motion into and out of the distance, kind of like a train. They guide the eyes in that manner.

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