Just a Passing Observation

Garage Art

Garage Art

Someone once came to one of my art sales, after briefly passing a garage art sale, and asked what garage art is. The term left them with the presumption that garage art is garbage art or kitsch.

Usually, it is not. Quite simply, it is work made by contemporary artists that they also judge to be significantly substandard – not garbage, to their other work.

For a little extra money and additional self-promotion, they’ll try to sell the lesser work at reduced prices from their own residence – in events similar to garage sales, or other exhibitions without the use of galleries and salons. While the artists regard their own work as not their best; however, it usually is still quite good.

Apart from that, sometimes collectors of “high-end” or even “low-brow” art try to sell of some of the pieces they’ve collected in garage art sales and art markets. This work is usually often assumed to be kitsch but in’t necessarily so either.

In either case, the trick always comes down to if the work being sold suites your personal taste.

So if you like art, need to decorate your home, office, restaurant or what have you, and hear of a garage art sale happening somewhere get over there and check it out.

10 thoughts on “Just a Passing Observation

    • It really is fun, and collectors have the chance to not just pick up the art but to also meet the artists if they are on hand selling the work themselves.

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