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6 thoughts on “Local Views

    • I am quite drawn to stairs that create this effect also. NYC is agreat place find such aesthetics and mood with its subway system.

      This is The MacNab Street pedestrian tunnel that passes beneath the Canadian Pacific Railway Line. I shot in the opposite direction to make “Welcome to Hamilton (https://hammerhomestreetphotography.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/the-illustrated-city-2/)”. That picture shows off some of the mural work that was painted inside back in 2010.

      I think this shots conveys more of the sense of journeying. Either boarding some craft to go somewhere distant or just arriving and deboarding by making an ascent to a new landscape.

    • I like that duality in things. I find that many people try to shoehorn situations into a particularly favourable reality so that dealing with it is comfortable in some way but life is seldom like that. It’s not usually black or white but full of varying grey values. We are constantly forced to try to fugure out if there’s a dichotomy or trichotomy in something; anything, and how to live with it with as little conflict as possible.

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