The Illustrated City

If U Live Here

If U Live Here

There is graffiti I like, and graffiti I can’t stand. To me, this one isn’t a rubbish tag it’s a little closer to true street art. As a street and urban photographer I had to shoot it and present it this way, without the distraction of colour, to hopefully convey its impact to more people.

It’s because of its location under an overpass why I actually feel badly that most people will not see it. When you first come across it you realize instantly that it isn’t the pretty, colourful and ornate type. Hamilton doesn’t have taggers that produce much of that, nor has any ever put out much inspirational social or political satire like Banksy and and all of his copycats have done. The impact of this statement; nevertheless, is powerful because of the message delivered in that setting. It’s a visual axiom.


14 thoughts on “The Illustrated City

    • Thank you Paula. I can only imagine that in time, after the pigment fades from weathering, someone cross-tags over it or the authorities see it and paint over it anyone who could possibly be impacted by this wouldn’t have if I didn’t record and exhibit this place at this time.

    • There is quite a bit of impact when you see this picture in full colour but there’s more when viewed in B/W.

      No doubt, the homeless do find shelter and bed down there from time-to-time. No doubt, no one should have to live that way either by force or choice. No doubt, little is done to prevent it.

    • Exactly! That’s why I consider it an axiom. It’s obviously true but stating it openly is not necessarily overstating it but causing us to be reminded of the overwhelming truth that we may be inclined to overlook.

      Was this the intent of the graf-writer? Maybe but I suspect not. I believe that it was more the result of sarcasm from someone comfortably numb in our cynical world. This scrawling that he or she has left behind, nevertheless; has left a meaningful impression on me.

      I’m quite glad about that. Where the writer was just spewing out garbage because they wanted to be antisocial, their graphic remark motivates me to at least continue trying to do something constructive about the problem that is apparent to both of us.

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