What Goes On



The young women appeared to be sisters or cousins with the little one being a brother to at least one of them. The man clearly wasn’t with them but he seemed to be following the group for a short distance southbound along James Street North.

When the trio stopped to wait for the walk signal for crossing York Boulevard, the guy just squatted down right there behind them . . . watching . . . waiting.

They never saw him . . . but I did, and I’m pretty sure that he never saw me.


4 thoughts on “What Goes On

    • That was definitely my first impression too. I watched the scene until the girls and boy walked into the nearby Hamilton City Centre shopping plaza across the street. The man stayed crouched there at the corner for a long while after, until I had to move on.

      It seems that nothing came of the occurrence except this photo. I am still haunted when I look at this picture, nevertheless.

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