The Way it Is

Hamilton Ontario Bike Wagon Trailer

Carry All


3 thoughts on “The Way it Is

    • Thank you, Patti.

      This one is exemplary of a trend depicted in ”Now There’s Something You Don’t See Everyday.”

      Itinerants have become increasingly more prevalent throughout Lower Hamilton in recent years. Many who don’t have steady employment, either because they can’t find such work or because they don’t want to, have taken to pedaling bikes and pulling carts and bins to pick up recyclables, scrap metal and virtually anything that they can sell quickly to make tax-free cash. Some are known to steal scrap metal from salvage yards during the night, only to try to sell it back to the yards they stole it from in the first place.

      Their continual visual presence and abundance is a clear-cut indication that the city has yet to get its population sufficiently where it needs to be academically, socially and economically. It’s quite a challenge.

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