The Illustrated City

Black and White Graffiti Photography

Sex With Animls

9 thoughts on “The Illustrated City

    • I suspect he/she intended to spell “ANIMALS” and forgot the second “A”. It’s interesting to note that while most letters used are capitals, the “i” and possibly the “l” are lower case. From a graphical standpoint, this could be intentional but instinct suggests that it doesn’t seem to be. It could be the result of the tagger having some level of dyslexia or other mental disorders called dyspraxia and apraxia.

      It is to be expected that some taggers who typically go around writing epithets and obscenities like this one (a seemingly completely random utterance of bestiality) are, deep down, frustrated with themselves and the world that they can’t seem to fit into because they have one or more learning and/or social disorder.

      While I have been quite familiar with dyslexia for many years, the first time I had heard about dyspraxia was through a post by the Manchester Flick Chick this past summer. The impact on one’s life is most interesting. I can certainly see how someone with such a disorder could lash out this way in graffiti.

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