My Fellow Citizens

Black and White Floating Head Portrait Photography

One Look

This picture used to be associated with the “My Home Town” theme but I’ve decided that the theme is too weak, too cliché for this project. So, I’ve begun to strip away the images that were associated and organize them in themes of more appropriate context.

It’s one of my experiments of producing a minimalist floating head as a street portrait. I used to create faces this way when I illustrated action comic books so long ago. I also enjoy applying this film noir effect in photographic portraiture but it is not easy to find the right situation and elements to pull it off in street photography. The natural light, dark background and contours of this man’s face lended themsemlves to the effort so well. I believe that I really lucked out on this one. I don’t think I could have asked for a better subject.

That intensity on his face; it really could have been from anyone, any man or woman these days. It could have even been from me. The power of this man’s specific look; however, could only have come from his unique face and stare.


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