The Way It Is

Black and White Elderly Closed Street Photography



6 thoughts on “The Way It Is

  1. Internet is killing real life. People would rather shop online than in stores. Or do they go on supermarkets that are boring as hell. and then there are some who can no longer afford, and others who have never been able to afford. It sucks.

    • In Canada, I’m not so sure that the Internet is a considerable challenge to retail businesses or shoppers. Many, including the poor; that is those with Internet access, welcome the Internet in that aspect of their affairs. The big conglomerates are a major competition for smaller businesses, however. Many small family owned stores close up permanently when people, especially the poor start shopping at the big name shops that can sell items cheaper.

      • The same problem has also we in Sweden and other European countries.
        We have just a reportage series in a magazine that talks about it.

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