Just a Passing Observation

Black and White Car Crash Scene Street Photography

Our Nature to be Curious

Did you see that?
Don’t look now but you should see what’s going on over there!
You’ll never guess who I just saw caught up in that set of circumstances.
Why is everybody slowing down to take a look at this thing?
Oh it’s too horrible, we shouldn’t look at that.
I don’t want to see it!
Move along, there’s nothing to see here.
It doesn’t matter that it’s in a public place; it’s none of your concern.
Mind your own business!
I don’t think you saw what you think you saw!
What are you lookin’ at?
Why don’t you just take a picture, it might last longer!
I swear to God officer, I never saw a thing!


9 thoughts on “Just a Passing Observation

  1. Very good questions. I think curiosity is an innate trait. We collect information in the hope that it’s not happening to us, we feel relief that it is not us, and also familiar with those who have suffered something.

    • I wrote the free verse by simply using all the usual expressions and attitudes that I’m familiar with when it comes to situations like these in the world.

      I agree with you, and to call it natural human curiosity is just an ultra simple way of stating what you just did for most people.

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