A Secret Place

Black and White Bokeh Street Photography

Sunny Lane

It was just growing wild and beautiful by the side of the elevated tracks for the GO train, and seemingly overlooking Grange and Ford Streets of Hamilton’s Corktown neighbourhood. This place where two roads meet seemed to be the brightest spot on the Earth.

Like most street photographers, I mainly use a wide angle lens but when I saw the man coming with his dog, I thought to include a literal human presence in this Corktown image by keeping the figures blurred with the application of a shallow Depth of Field. I hastily switched from a 28-80 mm lens to a 70-300 mm that did the trick.

The man’s jacket and dog were actually brighter than the yellow of the sunflower so I post-processed the image to make that flower stand out much more.

This photograph is very representative of a simply pleasant day in Corktown.


12 thoughts on “A Secret Place

    • Mainly a DSLR now for practicality’s sake. I haven’t touched my old SLR in quite some time.

      A Canon Rebel X, a wonderful 35mm instrument that was produced waaaaaaaaaay back in 2000. It was sort of a modernized version of a Pentax K1000, another great “beginners” SLR that I learned how to shoot with back in high school art class.

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