Remnants of Steeltown

Black and White Industrial Photography


Yes, I know but how could I do this project without a single gratuitous slightly abstract landscape of a steel product?

13 thoughts on “Remnants of Steeltown

  1. P.S. Have you thought about what theme you would do for guest challenge post on my blog? You said you would do black and white, and there are opening as of July till the end of the year – you pick the month and theme.

    • Only a little I’m afraid. Every time I start to give it some consideration my focus is redirected to my preparations for an upcoming group exhibition. I haven’t been posting much on Hammer Home or the main MOF blog. There’s even an interview that I have to edit for Hammer Home but haven’t had time to stay on top of that.

      I must and will, nevertheless, find time to set up a guest challenge.

      • Please don’t worry Allan. We will all be here for quite some time. Your exhibition is a priority, and I have foreseen you for summer so….plenty of time till then.

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  4. Great composition. Growing up in Grimsby, I have a strong connection & memories of Hamilton – neighbours who worked there, relatives who lived there, shopping trips, university and a few dates. Will be exploring your blog in more detail as I rediscover places I thought I knew. πŸ™‚

    • Great to hear because this project is all about my discovery of this city I still live in. I’m happy to have you tag along.

      As Grimsby is part of the Census Metropolitan Area that includes Hamilton, I considered including Grimsby as part of the rural aspects of this project. I haven’t made that a sure thing given that the connection is only statistical, not actual. Politics changes things; however, Flamborough, Dundas and Ancaster are prime examples of that, so we’ll see what the future brings.

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