All Great Things . . .

Black and White Homeless Photography

A Real Go-Getter

13 thoughts on “All Great Things . . .

    • It’s hard to say. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out, and while I know that many would not be inclined to enable him there are some who actually might.

    • I really didn’t stick around long enough to find out if he was successful in his endeavours or not. I personally hope he did not. I suspect beer is the last thing in life he needs.

    • Very sad. There are homeless people, and people who are otherwise poverty stricken whom I sympathize and even empathize with. They have very real and serious learning and social disabilities, and even mental illnesses that truly prevent them from being productive members of society. As so many truly are homeless, the actual number is not quantifiable but the prevailing presumption by most experts is that it is the majority who have such issues. Those issues are exacerbated when these people engage in substance abuse. There are also people who don’t have any handicaps but are just down on their luck, and really can’t wait to find and opportunity that could help them improve their own lives. I feel that all of the aforementioned deserve my patience and compassion. Then there are characters like this guy whom I honestly don’t have any respect for.

      Although I wasn’t able to photograph him in a way that included The Beer Store on Dundurn Street South and its signage, that’s actually where he was sitting outside trying to bum money from passers by. The fact that he can make such a blatantly sarcastic sign, and sit there for hours on end indicates to me that he is as clever and able bodied as he appears to be at holding down a job that would allow him to earn the beer he’s after. He doesn’t work because he’s just doesn’t want to.

      Unfortunately, he is the stereotype of Hamiltonians, and even other cultures around the world.

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