My Fellow Citizens

The dancing guy street photography

Easin’ on Down the Road

There he goes again!

The story goes that in 2003, while living in Toronto, Jed’s mother became gravely ill. She fell into a diabetic coma. He got down on his knees and prayed to God to spare her life. She woke 17 days later. He was so overjoyed that he danced his way out of the hospital. He hasn’t stopped dancing through the streets ever since, and has inadvertently come to represent one of the most positive and inspiring icons of the City of Hamilton. You never know where he going to turn up with his slick moves.

Jed has told many that he dances to bring happiness to everyone he passes.

It works for me. Jed really is such a charismatic and infectious ray of sunshine that I could be having the most miserable day ever but as soon as I see him coming into view anywhere, I am as right as rain again.


11 thoughts on “My Fellow Citizens

  1. Wonderful picture. You have really captured his soul. Before I worked through your story, I felt the dance. It radiates from him. What story. Wish you and your wife a happy easter. 🙂

  2. Is it still snowing over there? Great capture, Allan. There was a sad incident in my town (Zagreb) two days before Easter. A car driver passed out at his steering wheel and ran over 7 passers-by waiting for a tram. It all happened near my house.

    • Thank you, Otto. I prefer this shot over the face-onward ones I made seconds before because of that upbeat movement of Jed’s body.

      You should see this guy, he is so graceful when he dances down the streets, you just can’t help but watch him and feel really good.

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