All Day Long

Black and White Hamilton Ontario Street Photography

Sitting Still

6 thoughts on “All Day Long

    • Actually he is a she, and she’s sitting directly across the Hamilton YWCA on MacNab Street South. The “Y”, as it is often called, provide a wide range of services for women and young girls who are seeking ways to survive or even advance themselves.

      This woman could be a resident of their hostel program, and there deeply contemplating many things on her mind.

      You may like the certain patina of the area but I find that the impression left on you most fascinating.

      This part of MacNab runs through Durand, one of the four original neighbourhoods of the city. While there are people enduring abject poverty in Durand, this same neighbourhood is also home to some of Hamilton’s most wealthy elite and influential. This includes judges, lawyers, politicians (for either Hamilton or other municipalities) and business leaders. Many of them live in Durand’s 19th century mansions. In fact, real estate experts have declared the Durand has having the largest collection of “castles”; that’s the operative word used, in all of Canada.

      While the figure sits facing the “Y”, that you can’t see, her back is toward the brick garden wall of a mansion called Whitehern. It is a historic residence and museum that the city advertises with great pride. On the other side of Whitehern is Hamilton City Hall, making Durand the seat of our municipal government.

      The fact that this one picture of a small part of an area with such a profound legacy has given you — all the way over there in Stockholm, such an impression, speaks volumes to this city’s image problem.

      • Thanks for the explanation. It makes the picture more interesting. I look at the picture now with different eyes.

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