Just a Passing Observation

Police in Black and White Hamilton Ontario Street Photography

Here We Go Again

10 thoughts on “Just a Passing Observation

    • This was an unfolding scene that I literally shot on a drive-by; hence the dashboard reflection in the windshield that I refuse to edit out. This picture has an almost sweeping cinematic quality that I never intended but like anyway.

      Many years ago, there was a very controversial Hollywood film about the LAPD contending with inner city gang life in either South Central LA or Compton — I can’t remember which. The movie was called Colors, starred Robert Duvall and Sean Penn, and was directed by Dennis Hopper. This shot reminds me of the cinematography of that flick.

      • I agree on not editing out the reflection. It would be too much work for just a tiny change in the looks. Besides, the reflections isn’t bothering or ruining the photo.

    • Me too. The dash glare on my windshield, and the perspective causing an almost look up their nostrils impression, inadvertently created aesthetics that conveys a sense of watching the scene unfold from a hiding spot. Behold, the power has arrived. A chill goes up and down the spine.

      To think that I prefer to walk to get my street shots. I never expected to come upon this moment while driving.

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