Unborrowed Symbol

Black and white Hamilton Ontario Canada urban photography

Warmth When It’s Cold

Sculpture is an art I’ve never really explored, even though I have always been inspired by ancient Greek, 16th century Italian and 19th century French sculpture.

There are two St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Churches in Hamilton. One is in the constituent community of Ancaster; the other is in the Lower Hamilton neighbourhood of Stipley where I shot this image.

This statue of Mary and Jesus in the front of the church looked especially solemn to me covered in a little late-January snow. The sight of it actually gave me warmth and comfort. It still does.

This was actually one of my do-overs. The first time I shot this statue was in late January 2009. I think I did okay with that one in portrait orientation but was never really satisfied.

I like emphasis of shadows, shades, inky blacks and high contrast in my B/W work. It always elicits powerful emotion. The first attempt didn’t have the impact I wanted to achieve.

I went back and shot it again in late January of 2012. In this field orientation, I was able to fit more of the beautifully ornate old church architecture in the background. I post-processed the image far better this time in order to achieve the effect I always wanted. The vision I had actually seen with my eyes. One that I think conveys an essence of strength through dark isolation. Despite keeping the background dark, I feel that those details are crucial to creating the nuance of this image.


6 thoughts on “Unborrowed Symbol

    • Natural and profound skills of being able to perceive the third dimension as three-dimensional forms, and rendering figures as such in material that will sustain the structures. Sculpture is like a combination of illustration, architecture and construction all in one. I really admire those who do it well, especially who replicate human or animal form in lifelike proportions and positions.

      I can do almost anything with the right amount of Leggo but it’s still not the same.

  1. When I was young was my dream to become a sculptor, preferably as good as Michelangelo. So, of course not. Men I am still weak for the sculpture. A nice photo of Mary and Jesus. Fits very good I black /white.

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