All Day Long

Black and white Hamilton Ontario Canada urban photography

Nodded Off


12 thoughts on “All Day Long

    • Ha! True! When you’re tired enough, you’ll sleep anywhere.

      What I like the most about this situation is how it speaks to the safety of Hamilton’s downtown core. In some cities, someone caught napping like this is likely to get mugged even in broad daylight. Hamilton is not perfectly safe but the crime is so low here that a drowsy old man can actually nod off without being in peril.

    • Yes, he’s clearly just overcome with exhaustion. One minute he alert and taking it all in, the next he;s down for the count in whatever position he’s in.

    • You know what? Because of that, it did cross my mind that he may have been a missing person whose family might have been distraught wondering where he’s gone to. He did not seem to be on any missing persons lists.

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