All Day Long

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography



16 thoughts on “All Day Long

      • Both. A DJ sets up beside the rink on summer Saturday evenings and plays music so that skaters can have a good time. Groups of skaters; most who are complete strangers, will get a groove on and start line dancing. Usually one to a few people will start a series of simple but fun moves somewhere near the centre of the rink. Soon, many just join in while others continue to do laps around them.

        The Hamilton Waterfront Trust ( established the Hamilton Waterfront Outdoor Rink by Pier 8 with City Council’s blessing. In the winter, if conditions are right, the rink is soaked down, frozen over and used for ice skating. The place is a hit.

        You can rent skates suitable for each season or bring your own. Skating itself is free. The only caveats are no violence, harassment, abuse of property or use of the rink for hockey or any team sports that would interfere with free skating.

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