Just a Passing Observation

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

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13 thoughts on “Just a Passing Observation

  1. Maybe they ran against red. Cyclists are just too crazy about traffic. They think they are on the race track and would win the race. Like your picture’s building with a black side and a white side.

    • The chap being questioned had no bike. The wall that he’s up against is the outside of a Landsdale neighbourhood restaurant that is reputed to have unsavory denizens frequenting. There was even a shooting in there once, and last year some guys withing a block of the place ran through the streets shooting at each other.

      I think it’s certainly reasonable to notice that race could be a potential issue here, even though I’ve previously photographed and shown men and women being questioned, searched and even arrested in public by police officers apparently of the same race; like this picture:


      and this one:

      To what extent; however does race play apart in this scene.

      Most of the serious crimes reported in Hamilton each years seem to be committed by caucasians against caucasians. This restaurant that this suspect is detained against is believed frequented by negroid patrons, so you might wonder why the cops have come to stop this fella on this particular spot.

      Last year May, when that street shooting occurred, a citizen just happened to be driving through the area and captured much of the gunplay on his dashcam. The perpetrators involved in the shooting were black.

      The incident made the news for a week or so in the city with little mention about race but race was presumed by some to likely be on the minds of many. Even though, again, circumstances like these are rare in Hamilton.

  2. The separations and what it symbolizes are incredible! Really left for people who sees this captured real-life scene to bewildered and wonder about. Excellent street scene shoot!

  3. Of course this is a serious matter you have captured. One never knows what’s in store when the police interferes. But I had to smile of the man to the right. He is what makes the photo for me. It’s almost as he is trying to inconspicuously get away from any attention or the situation.

    • I just looked up Pacific Blue. It was a late 90’s police drama starring Mario Lopez. I never heard of it until now. Apparently it was on the USA Network that I’ve never seen. It does have that cheesy Baywatch look.

      The Hamilton Police Service has included the use of mountain bikes for approximately 20 years now. Horses were added 5 to 7 years ago but cars are still the leading for of transportation for them. The HPS also has some number of motorbikes.

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