All Day Long

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography



7 thoughts on “All Day Long

  1. I feel cold just looking at the picture, and it’s summertime. Every Thursday I volunteer to feed the homeless here in Japan. At minimal, we only provide rice balls so sometimes I bring boxes of Capri Sun for extra.
    When I go back to the US and see a homeless person, I’ll try to look at their clothing so I could give them more than just food.

    • Good for you, Rommel. It’s still too easy for most to lose sight of the fact that many of the homeless cannot help themselves. So, your contributions are important especially that your actions are beyond merely giving money to them or a faction that is supposed to support them.

      As for the chap in the photo, it’s easy to presume him to be homeless being that he is shoeless in the city but I couldn’t be certain that he was actually homeless.

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