Just a Passing Observation

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

Tough Day at the Office

I came upon these two just as the officer was taking the perpetrator to the ground. The young man he had was of much slighter build but he gave up quite a lot of resistance. I felt really sorry for the police officer as I kept photographing for, easily, five minutes as the pair grappled with each other at the side of Main Street West. I couldn’t believe that backup hadn’t arrived in all that time. I absolutely feared the worst if the swift moving perpetrator had managed to get one of his hands free to seize the officer’s weapon. It’s a tough and scary job.

Eventually, an additional officer came along in his cruiser to assist the first cop, and get the perpetrator under control. Ease the danger.

I also had sympathy for the perpetrator. I’m told that the twenty-something had severe mental illness, limited help from the existing services, and regularly self-medicated with narcotics. He lived on the 5th floor of a nearby high-rise apartment building, and was well-known for making waves there. A few months after this altercation, the guy was found dead in his apartment. He hung himself.

5 thoughts on “Just a Passing Observation

    • It’s clear that the police have a high likelihood of encountering many people with various degrees of various mental illness in their work everyday. It is imperative that police be given extremely specialized training, and support from their services to do that job for their safety and everyone else’s.

      We also know that mental illness is not going away from citizens — even cops, any time soon. It’s imperative that money and resources be found to ensure better care for people with mental illness.

      As far as money goes, if between $100,000 and $300,000 can be found to pay certain politicians and others in government jobs annually, then why can’t the money be found to help those who are in critical need?

      Just a couple aspects of living in any 21st century community that are difficult to come up with realistic solutions for, and they’re so desperate and critical that you don’t dare throw your hands up quit trying to solve them.

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