The Way It Is

Black and white BW B&W Hamilton Ontario Canada contemporary street photography

The Man Upstairs

Such a determined adventurer;
So badly I tried to get to the roof.
I just wanted a little glimpse of heaven above this
Hellishly burning world.
As though I dreamed Jacob’s dream,
I came to the foot of the fire escape
And saw the figure at the top.
Although I could not see his face,
I could see that he was looking down upon my sinner form
As though he were Saint Peter or the Lord himself.
“Are you the lord of the land you survey from so high?” I asked
Most respectfully, and he replied,
“I am.”

Already knowing my intent, he asked, “Why?” of me.
He made me think very carefully about my motives.
“For no more than a chance,” I began,
“To view the world from up there,”
“In hopes to fall in love with what I see down here.”
“And what assurance do I have,” he asked,
“To ensure that others will not pay a heavy price,
“Should you fall?”
“I understand,” was my confession,
“But I have to at least ask.”
“You may ask,” said the man upstairs,
“But it still doesn’t guarantee an outcome free
“Of unnecessary loss.”

“Do you think it reasonable,” I broached,
“To seek out ways of becoming satisfied with the limitations,”
“I see all around me down here?”
“I do,” he said,
“But I find it even more logical to seek out responsible means,”
“To overcome those limitations.”
“But do I have the power,” I then asked,
“To correct all of the issues that I am faced with?”
“Certainly not all,” he replied,
“For you are not a god.”
“It is for you to leave some concerns to others for rectification.”
“No matter how well intended you are.”
“It is within your strength to make only some changes.”

“I must find it within myself,” I conceded,
“To acknowledge the beauty that surrounds me,”
“And as Samson did,”
“Struggle to champion the shame I wallow in;”
“My own weaknesses.”
“Under the circumstances,” continued the man upstairs,
“It is not yet your time to see this part of heaven.”
It was my stubbornness why I still had an urge go up there but
It is logic why I know that one ought not to argue with
Another in so high a place.
So, I thanked him for his patience with my sinner self,
And continued on my way,
Wandering this hard world until my day would be truly done.


5 thoughts on “The Way It Is

  1. I how I wish I could pack you in my travel kit and have you teach me street photography wherever I go in this world. Marvelous photo. At least I have your online course to carry with me

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